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batteries running down too fast

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  • batteries running down too fast

    I have a 67 lb. thrust 24 volt Great White trolling motor thats about 15 years old. It runs my batteries down in about 2 hours after a full charge. Batteries check out fine. any ideas on what could be wrong? Is it worth fixing?

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    Re: batteries running down too fast

    Did you have the batteries load tested? Make sure all the cables are clean and tight. Pull the prop and check for fishing line wrapped around inside.
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      Re: batteries running down too fast

      Is there a current rating on the motor?
      Does the actual current match? (in the water, at full speed). How does it compare with the amp-hours of the batteries?

      You may have to beg/borrow/steal a DC ammeter to put in series with it.


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        Re: batteries running down too fast

        A 15 year old trolling motor probably has no power saver circuit. Most of the newer top of the line motors will save a lot of power with power saver circuits. The power saver circuits save a lot of power when running at less than full power but save very little at full speed.

        If your running on full power just straight trolling then 2 hours sounds about right. If you useing it to control the boat and work a shore line bass fishing then should last more than 2 hours. Working into the wind takes a lot more battery the working with the wind.

        Larger boats that weigh more and catch more wind will also run the battery down quicker.

        Could be you batteries are getting old or are two small in amp hour ratings.
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