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1997 Javelin 360 FS Aerator switch issues

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  • 1997 Javelin 360 FS Aerator switch issues

    Hello guys. I will start by saying I am new here but not new to boats in general. I have owned a 1981 Rinker 15.5 with 1984 Evinrude 90, and a 14 foot aluminum Edson tub with 1994 Mercury 20hp tiller. Two weeks ago I purchased a used 1997 Javelin 360 FS. I have 4 switches on the side in front of my throttle lever. One is for lights, one is for the bilge, and the other two are labelled Front Aerator, and Rear Aerator. The two aerator switches did not seem to do anything and the live well did not fill. I took the panel off and found that the two bottom switches had no continuity in either position, so the switches were bad. Now for my main question. Does anyone know what the rear aerator switch actually does? Everything I can find says that it’s for the rear live well which would make sense, but I don’t have a rear live well, and the switch is wired, so must have a purpose. When I flip it, nothing at all seems to happen, and I hear no noise at all like I hear from the bilge or live well switch. I haven’t been able to trace the wires to find out where they actually go, aside from tracing back to the fuse block where it is simply labelled “accessory 2”. Can anyone tell me what this switch is supposed to run? Thanks guys. If I have broken any rules here please let me know.

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    Hello, I’m coming here for some advice since I’m fairly confused at this point. I just bought this boat two weeks ago, and the factoryswitch panel in front of the throttle has 4 switches. They are labelled lights, bilge, front aerator, and rear aerator. Everything makes sense except rear aerator. Everything I can find online says that is for the rear live well, however my boat does not, and has never had a rear live well. The switch is wired to something, and I have only been able to trace it back to the fuse block where it is labelled “accessory 4”. Currently the switch is defective, but jumpering across still seems not to turn anything on. This is being made more difficult by the fact that I have three blade connectors that have broken off the back of the two aerator switches in there and I can’t find a wiring diagram to confirm what they are for or which wires should go to which switch. I really wish I could find a wiring schematic for this boat.