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Fuel System Bonding connection 1987 Formula F223LS

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  • Fuel System Bonding connection 1987 Formula F223LS

    I believe I am not getting a bonding contact to my fuel tank. I tested the wiring, sender, and gauge. All passed. but I have a full tank reading at all times.
    Can I replace the bond contact? Believe it or not I have the original factory manual that came with my boat. It includes pages of wiring information. But I cannot see where the bond wiring attaches to anything except that it connects to the tank and the fill neck.

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    Might just be the gauge. Buddy has an old Checkmate and when the key is turned OFF the gauges stay where they were when that happened. Turn key back ON and as example: temp gauge changes warm/cold depending on how long it took
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      You're confusing bonding with grounding. Grounds are so electrical stuff like gauges work. Bonding serves two purposes; to help with electrolysis caused corrosion and to eliminate static electricity so gas fumes don't ignite.

      The bonding in the schematic between the filler and tank addresses the second reason. The bonding wire and ground are probably connected to the same point on the tank.

      Is the tank grounded at the sender?
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        What GA said . . .
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          I can ground it and I expect everything will work. But I do not mess with fuel til I am comfortable. I don't want to do anything that might cause a boom.

          The gauge tested good. the pink sender wire tested good, and the sender gave me the right ohms for the fuel that's present.

          So then, if I understand the bonding wiring, it makes sense that it is to eliminate static electricity between the filler neck and the tank.

          And it also makes sense that there would need to be a connection to ground for the sender or it wouldn't have a circuit.
          In fact GA, there's a loose ground wire in the loom right by the bonding wire and an empty shrink connector. Gotta be that.
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          87 Formula F223LS, 2016 383 Stroker, 2019 Davis Unified(HEI) Ignition, Quickfuel Marine 750
          Lake Winnipesaukee, NH