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89 Yamaha 200 wiring a new tach? Plz help

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  • 89 Yamaha 200 wiring a new tach? Plz help

    Hi everyone. Just finished restoring a 90 Proline CC. Got this boat in ruins and everything was cut up. I've been reading up on tachs and the Sierra won't work with lighting coils setups and I could really use some direction on where to find the tach signal wire and an analog tach I can use. I've established that it's 12 pole and the wire might be green? Any idea where I can find it on the motor? Thankyou in advance.

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    From Yammies manual.....

    "Electric start

    The following instructions apply to a model without a tachometer installed,
    or for a model with a tachometer installed, but a second meter is needed to
    assist in adjustments. Inside the control box, the Green lead with the female connector is
    input or signal lead. The Black lead with either a male or female end
    connector is the tachometer return or ground lead.
    Connect the tachometer to these two leads per the instructions with the
    meter Input and ground."