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1997 Bayliner Jazz Jetboat - Beeping when trying to use blower or bilge pump

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  • 1997 Bayliner Jazz Jetboat - Beeping when trying to use blower or bilge pump

    Hi there,

    I have recently bought a 1997 bayliner Jazz 175hp. It has the Merc sport jet and seems like a pretty tidy wee boat. its starts and runs beautifully off the key as it should, it has been retrofitted with a electric fuel pump and water seperating fuel filter which was to combat a hard to start issue, its starts instantly.

    Before I take it into the water I have to have the bilge pump running, Just something I always insist on with a new boat, when i use the dash mounted switch to turn on the bilge pump the warning beeper sounds, the voltage gauge drops, same thing when I activate the blower. The nav light switch doesn't cause the same problem, but they don't work either. I have removed the panel the switches are mounted in and there are no obviously shorted wires. It does have a old cassette radio that is rusty and I will try to remove it, but I am guessing there is a short somewhere as none of the gauges seem to operate either, fuel goes up to past full, tacho looks to be reasonably recently replaced and doesn't ever move, voltage gauge seeems to operate..

    Does anyone have any ideas on where to start, Ive looked at the wires to the bilge and blower and they disappear up under the gunnels and are a different color at the switch panel... visually the blower and bilge pump look ok, there is a separate float switch in the bilge also.

    Really would like to get this baby in the water as the motor seems to really purrr.

    Thanks in advance

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    Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,....... Sounds like a Bad ground, or No ground to the dash/ switch panel,......


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      Thanks, will check the grounds, I noticed the negative terminal of the battery has a bit of rust on it. do you know if the beeper is a low voltage beeper I am seeing ? I was thinking it was a short, due to the beep when you try operate those switches, I thought if it was a ground it would not complete a circuit to cause the beep...

      Also while giving the engine a bit of wd40 last night I noticed a green wire that appears to go to the fuel filler tube, just inside the transom, at first I thought the wire had fallen down, it does appear to be attached.


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        Ayuh,..... The ground terminal can be a problem,..... even if not The problem,....

        All electrical connections, Must be Shiny Clean metal,.... discoloration is corrosion,.....

        The green wire is the bonding wire that should bond together All of the metal pieces in the fuel system, to stop static electric sparks,......

        When there's a bad ground, the current hunts for any ground that can be found,....
        The buzzer switch just goes to ground when actuated, closin' the circuit, buzzin' the buzzer,....

        Which is Why, I suspect bad/ poor grounds,...


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          Thanks for Clearing that up Bondo. Once the rain goes away I will pull the terminal off and go to work cleaning it up.

          Hopefully that will be the fix I am after! will post back with the results.


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            Shorts blow fuses so that's NOT the problem.


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              Well, Bondo, you are a legend! Today I went and looked at the negative terminal and its a nest of corrosion and poor workmanship, as I took the terminal off the battery to replace it, 2 of the main earth wires fell from the connector along with the main earth to the starter/engine!!! im amazed with the few strands of wire it still was able to start. I trimmed the wires back and crimped on some new connectors for the terminal and to my delight the gauges all work, along with the bilge pump, blower, nav lights etc etc. SOOOOO HAPPY I did a little dance then had a couple of beers, Just got to get a new terminal for the negative lead tomorrow and then it will be a sea trial tomorrow afternoon. Thanks again Bondo, I will sleep easy tonight.


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                The Legend known as Bondo may box your ears if you don't clean up the positive side of the battery too. LOL

                So many electrical gremlins are caused by poor, crusty and rusty power connections. So also clean the positive cable to the starter and the negative cable to the block.

                You have a jet so have a good squirt on the water!
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                  fair enough too! Positive side was actually clean, has a nice cable going to the isolation switch, the negative terminal was slightly under the side of the side of the engine compartment so didnt see it at first. First sea trial today!