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Bow Switch Panel

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  • Bow Switch Panel

    I have a 1991 Tracker Pro 17 and I need to replace this piece, but don't know what it's actually called. Can anyone help?

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    Trolling Motor Recept., right here on I boats store

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      Thank you. I'm looking for the entire switch plate. Any ideas?


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        Sorry, I thought you just needed the plug. I would fabricate one myself, Check for a trophy shop or sign shop in your area. A simple job to drill a few holes and engrave the lettering. Be certain to take along the old one as a pattern. Plastic would give you a large range of colors or it could be done in metal.
        The last suit you wear won't need any pockets. You might as well spend it on a boat.


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          I agree with dwco5051, any Laser Engraving trophy shop has the capability to make such a panel. And you can design that plate how you want if you want to change things around. I make my own because I have such equipment. I attached a picture of how mine looks. So any idea you like will work and you can even carry that design to the shop. Colors are near endless as well.
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            or contact your local tracker dealership

            you can also re-paint the panel you have and get decals for the letering.
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              Thank you for your help.