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battery drain

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  • battery drain

    2011 Misty Harbor 2085 FS w/Yamaha 50hp 4 stroke. With ignition switch off, fuel gauge and volt meter are energized, thus draining battery. Disconnected battery, then reconnected. Heard a sound from engine as if a component was energizing plus before mentioned gauges energize. Have changed out ignition switch assembly to no avail. Any thoughts?

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    Did you happen to note if when during the Ig. switch replacement and when the old Ig. switch was removed (ig switch wires dangle loose, battery still connected), were the gauges on/energized at that point?


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      I'm guessing that energizing sound could be an electric fuel pump. But nothing in you boat, except for blower, lights, trim, radio, horn should have B+ available with key "off". The "Run" switch position should be the only supply of 12V to the engine and dash.

      Chase down the wiring and see if you have a cross connection between one of those accessory feeds and the engine's run circuit. Maybe a bare wire somewhere. If so it would seem the engine would continue to run with the key in the "Off" position. Does it?

      '96 Larson 174 SEI BR. 4.3LX 4 bbl Weber s/n 0F786604. Alpha One Gen II s/n 0F709315


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        It is quite possible the boat has been wired incorrectly from the git-go. Check the +12 volt connection to the first gauge in the string and follow it back to the ignition switch. That 12 volt feed should be attached to the "I" (ignition) terminal on the switch, not the "B" (battery) terminal. It is also possible that the gauges were wired to a hot terminal on one of the switches on the instrument panel.