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Humminbird cable connection.

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  • Humminbird cable connection.

    Hey ppl, I have a pair of Humminbird 1199HD, the 1 on the bow, no problems. The 1 at the helm, cable connection not the tightest, if I'm in a 3-4 foot chop, the unit powers off. Turn it on, then 2 min, it powers off again. Any ideas on how to make a tighter connection. The plug on the back is about 2.5" square with 2 squeeze style locks.

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    If replacing it isn't an option, how about using some type filler material. Without seeing your situation, what about using some silicone to hold it in place? You could spray the connection(s) with something like WD40 and then apply some silicone and connect the connector and allow it to cure. It should then come off because of the WD40 coating. And you only want to fill in the connector and not get it everywhere. But again without seeing what you're dealing with, that is merely a suggestion.
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      @gm280...thanks for the response, I'd attached a pic but have no access to where it is stored. I may make a rubber gasket for the plug, so when it snaps on, it may be tighter. I already have the pins lubed with a dielectric lube.


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        The plug you're talking about is a plastic holder for the Power/Com/Temp/Transducer cables.
        It's possible to remove the cables from what they call the Cable Connector and plug them in individually.

        If you do that make sure the weight of the power cable is not causing it to pull out a bit.
        You could use a small wedge of some sort to ensure the cable doesn't move.

        On one of mine I took the unit apart and a soldered a removable 2 pin harness to use for the power connector.
        I's a common humminbird problem.
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          Marc c....thanks for the heads up about the plug, will check it out when the spring comes. Making a list of stuff to repair on her.