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Old Electronics, Keep or Junk (and what do I have)

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  • Old Electronics, Keep or Junk (and what do I have)

    I bought a 12 foot aluminum boat that will mostly get used for family recreation and a little fishing on a 400 acre lake. The previous owner decked it out with a lot of bass fishing equipment that looks to be a decade or so old. In the attached picture of the stern, I recognize the paddle wheel speedometer and the transducer, but what is the thing that the wires run to before they run in to the hull? (The other holes are for inlet/exhaust for a live well which I'll probably remove). Second question + second picture ... if the Eagle fish finder pictured works, is it worth keeping/selling or is it junk. (It seems petty old). This is my first post. If I've overlooked any of the forum's etiquette I apologize.
    What's all this?

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    Pic #1: Paddle wheel for speedometer plus two transducers and a homemade swim ladder.

    Pic #2: Try the fishfinder in the water...if it works and does all that you need, why put it in the landfill?

    Given all the 1/2" copper tubing (swim ladder, homemade rod holders, trailer light conduit) and ABS/PVC (homemade spotlight stanchion), the PO must have been a plumber with access to a lot of material from a job site.


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      Thanks Mohawkmters. And ha on the previous owner being a plumber/scavenger.


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        If it works and does what you want for your situation keep it,


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          Maybe the fish finder will at least work as a depth finder so you'll know how deep/shallow the water you are currently traveling in. It's nice to know for obvious reasons...
          You should be able to set an alarm for a depth close to your draft as to pre-warn you of too shallow water approaching.


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            All good advice. Thanks. One more Q: Is there any reason to have two transducers right next to one another like that? I couldn't find any that are similar to the greenish one (the right-most of the three). No possibility that it's something else?


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              The transducer on the far right is actually a thru hull transducer rigged up to mount on the transom.

              The transducer on the left was/is the OEM


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                Don't forget to turn the OEM/Left transducer down when you take the boat out for a ride.