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Lowrance Hook 4 ..HELP

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  • Lowrance Hook 4 ..HELP

    Ariving at my fishing spot, I put my Lowrance Hook 4 on stand-by and proceeded
    to front of boat. I turned around and saw my co-angler punching buttons on my LH4.
    He said he was trying to see the depth. When I went back, everything was gone!
    Settings, preferances and most important.... all my waypoints and trails! The LH4
    was back to factory reset. My question, does anyone know if I can recover my
    dozens of waypoints? ..

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    Not that I’m aware of....backups are essential

    Are you sure it was a factory reset? I’ve operated a bunch of different units. The reset function is usually buried deep in the menu pages and requires multiple acknowledgments before proceeding.

    Never heard of a “stand-by” function. What is it’s purpose?


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      When I use my unit on my bow I put console unit in "stand-by" which turns off transducer to keep signals from interfering with each other ..I don't know what he did but somehow every thing was deleted..


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        is he still in lake with the anchor ha ha !


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          Talked to Lowrance tech. and was told that a certain sequence of buttons pushed will

          completely remove all stored data including waypoints, trails etc. and there is no way

          to recover them. Co-angler must have hit that sequence. Tech told me how I can back-up

          info with a SD chip as I will be doing from now on. (I was not aware this could be done

          with this unit)