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Trim gage and sensor

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  • Trim gage and sensor

    I have a 2007 Suzuki DF225
    my trim gage stopped working. I found that the sensor was bad replaced the sensor and the gage.
    My gage is in the up position with the key off, when the key is turned on it pegs to the down position. I checked the resestance at the sensor and change is noted.
    However at the back of the gage wires removed I show no change in resistance. Is there something I between the sensor and the gage that I’m missing that might cause this problem


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    Not sure how you tested the sensor, or the gauge for that matter. But if the sensor at the engine seems to be working properly (at least changing resistance when raised and lowered) try that same test at the wires removed from the gauge and see if you get those same results. That way you eliminate any problems with the new sensor and wires up to the gauge. Then reconnect the wires to the gauge and test once again. If it still doesn't work, you have a bad gauge. JMHO
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      There are no other components in the system. If your description is accurate, there's a problem with the wiring. Start by checking for any physical damage along the way.
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        If your sensor is similar to Mercury I will say that it is a flakey design. My sensor went bad (water corroded it). After I replaced it I found it was necessary to make some fine tuning adjustments on its mechanical engagement in order to work properly. The sensor itself is nothing more than a variable resistor but it is kind of fussy about being centered properly.