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Motorguide Xi5 w/Pinpoint question

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  • Motorguide Xi5 w/Pinpoint question

    Hope this isn't redundant. I searched but didn't find anything matching my question.

    I have a Motorguide Xi5 with Pinpoint GPS. It interfaces with my Lowrance Elite-9 Ti via NMEA 2000 backbone. It has a large cable running between the coiled wire with a large purple plug on it, that has nowhere to plug in to since the NMEA cable is completely separate from that big purple plug. What's its' purpose and can I get inside the unit and remove it without disabling the communication or GPS functionality? For some reason I can't seem to find anything about this on the intertubes.

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    Sorry, it's actually a blue plug. Here are the three cables, power, NMEA2k, and the big blue one. Any ideas?


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      I think I'm just going to remove the screws from the head and see if that cable is hard wired or plugged in. Hope it's just plugged in because I'll just remove it and see how it goes. I have nowhere to connect it anyway.


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        Well, it is just a cable connector in the head, the other end continues down the shaft into the base unit. I don't see any harm in removing the cable as it does not connect to anything via the blue terminator. Any thoughts?