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No power to ignition switch???

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  • No power to ignition switch???

    Gettin my butt kicked by an electrical problem on a boat. 1996 Force 75hp outboard. I'm not getting any power to the battery terminal on the ignition switch. I've checked the fuse under the cowl on the side of the motor and I'm getting power on the red wire going into the voltage regulator. What else could cause no power at the switch?

    The problem goes and comes. It may start 10 times then not on the 11th. Something is killing the power to the switch.

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    May not be related, but a friend of mine had a similar problem with his Force-75, though an older model, Turned-out the computer control box was overheating and after running for a while would not fire-up for about an hour or more, He had the motor re-worked back to points and it fixed the problem. At the time, late eighties finding a new box was impossible as the motor went out of production. Good luck.


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      Have you actually verified with a meter, that there is no power at the key switch?

      The switch itself could have bad contacts inside.

      Otherwise, check for clean and tight connections at battery, ground, starter, starter solenoid.
      Medford, WI