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Stator Good or Bad?

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  • Stator Good or Bad?

    I have a 1983 Evinrude 70 hp that has no spark, I checked the stator Brown/Brown yellow and have an ohm reading of 950, the chart calls for 450 - 600 ohms. I'm guessing the Stator is bad but not really sure?

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    Check your meter against the other known resistances.

    High resistance readings are pretty rare, low resistance readings, open circuits or shorts to ground are much more likely.


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      Thank you for your response. Yesterday I also checked resistance on the yellow to yellow from the stator and got a reading of 1.7. I'll go out and check other know resistances and post what I get.



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        Rechecked resistance, 896ohms, humm. So I took a step back and disconnected the black/yellow kill wire, hooked up water and turned the key, she started right up, had a feeling it would not shut off so kept my plug wire puller handy, good thing. So now on to checking where the problem is, harness, ignition switch or shift switch. Any help on this would be great. Time to google and see what I find.


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          I just checked the CDI troubleshooting guide (7th edition) and the ~900 Ohm reading is correct for OEM 12 Amp stators.

          A short to ground on the kill wire, check red plug, ign key switch & safety lanyard switch. Easy if you say it fast.


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            Oh look someone made a mistake on the internet!
            shift switch.
            2. Disconnect the Yellow wires from the rectifier and retest. If the ignition now has spark, replace the rectifier.
            3. Check the cranking RPM. A cranking speed of less than 250-RPM will not allow the system to spark properly.
            This can be caused by a weak battery, dragging starter, bad battery cables or a mechanical problem inside the
            4. Inspect and clean all engine and ignition ground connections.
            5. Check the stator and timer base resistance and DVA output as given below:
            WIRE READ TO OEM Ohms CDI Ohms DVA (Connected) DVA (Disconnected)
            Brown Brown/Yellow 360-440 (9 amp) 530-630 150-400 V (*) 150-400 V (*)
            Brown Brown/Yellow 750-950 (12 amp) 530-630 150-400 V (*) 150-400 V (*)
            White Blue 9-21 0.6 V + 0.6 V + (#)
            White Purple 9-21 0.6 V + 0.6 V + (#)
            White Green 9-21 0.6 V + 0.6 V + (#)
            Resistance green, mistake red.
            Heads will roll!


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              Well it was a lot of work for a simple problem/fix. The laynard/kill switch is where the problem was sort of, the plastic part that holds the kill button in cracked, so it looked like it was in place but the button released just enough to kill the power. So my neighbor is happy all he has to do is buy a new laynard. He took me out fishing today for helping him out. FED thank you for the help, I learned alot.


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                A lot better than dealing with those pesky Ohms.