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What connectors should these be replaced with?

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  • What connectors should these be replaced with?

    So my dad recently bought at 2003 Century deck boat and immediately had to replace a couple of dials as they were not working. While helping him hook up the second dial I immediately saw why they had stopped working, as it was obvious that a rat/mouse had a grand feast on the wire coating. So now I am trying to figure out what connectors I need to replace the old connectors with.

    Here is a picture of the damage: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dgaphdxw5...02188.jpg?dl=0

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    Originally posted by macvillematt View Post
    , so I am wondering if it was done with two 16ga wires stuck into one 10-12ga disconnect? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



    Probably 14 or 12 ga connector.

    Might want to do something about that screw before you rip your arm open.

    Click image for larger version

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      Wow!!! All the more reason to hate rodents. Looks like standard crimp connectors with heat shrink over the barrel for waterproofing. You put two or more wires into a lug before crimping depending on the gauge of wire
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        This should work. Its called a "Piggy Back Spade Terminal". Look on Amazon


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