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Boston Whaler 15' Sport-Refit

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  • Boston Whaler 15' Sport-Refit

    The next few posts will be a picture sequence regarding the refit of a 1976 Boston Whaler 15' Sport. The Refit was to change the original seating arrangement into a center console which was not offered that year.

    Boat-1976 Whaler 15' Sport. Purchased from the second owner. The hull was dry and in immaculate condition.

    Motor-1975 Johnson 50 HP.

    Trailer-1996 Aros, Bunk Style, Galvanized.

    This first pic. is of the original interior layout. This layout does not fit my 6'3" frame well. The seats were low and the side console was too low-for me. It also made moving forward to aft very difficult.

    The wood was the original Mahogany which I sold to fund a part of the refit. The only piece I kept was the front anchor locker hatch.

    The next pictures have to do with building a console riser and fitting a standard console purchased from ebay. The console was a "blank". I needed to cut the opening and other holes for accesories.

    Since this console was not tall enough, on it's own, I built a 5" riser out of 1/1 African Ribbon Mahogany. All of the other wood in the boat was built with the same materials.

    The mahogany was: planed, edges rounded over with a 1/2" router bit and sanded, to start, with 220 grit paper. No stain was used.

    All of the Mahogany was treated to eight coats of varnish with sanding between coats. Last coat presanding was with 600 grit wet paper. It shines!

    The next pictures show the seat arrangement. While simple (I am not a an accomplished woodworker-by any stretch) it is sturdy and functional. I chose a back to back style (width concerns). This too was built from 1/1 Mahogany.

    You can see the rigging tube. The tube was purchased from Carolina Skiff. An eight foot section can be had for about $50.00. The tube was painted to match the deck.

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    Re: Boston Whaler 15' Sport-Refit

    The console and seat were bolted in place using SS bolts. I was limited in my choices here. My hull only has wood down the center of the deck (12" wide), under the fiberglass. Later models have wood under the whole deck. If you are rebuilding an old Whaler, there are drawings available as to where the wood is. The drawings are by hull ID #.

    Both the console and seat sit on Teak "feet" which will eliminate any rot issues. This allows "wash out" with a hose.

    I then added the seat cushions which I had custom made. The seat bases are 3/4" plywood painted on both sides. The upholsterer used marine vinyl and put mesh backing on the undersides. There is about $150.00 invested in the cushions. Shop around.

    The seat was made to hold two steel OMC six gallon tanks (with room to spare) with tilt up access of the seat cushions. The cans sit on the two rigging tubes. The fuel line runs through one rigging tube (Port side). Electricals run through the tube on the Starboard side.

    The batttery, battery switch and oil tank sit under the console and those lines run through Starboard tube along with the shift cables and steering cable.

    All of the rear (aft) rigging is cleaned up, as best as possible. My objective was to make the sides as clean as possible (foot path) for fishing. I think I accomplished that. I now have full access, along both sides, (bow to aft) clean. No more seats to trip over.

    Additions will be a cooler seat (w/cushion) in front of the console and grab rails/windshield, as previously noted.

    The next pic's. are of the rig pretty much complete. I am looking for a windshield and a over windshield hand rail.


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      Re: Boston Whaler 15' Sport-Refit

      Complete with grab handle and windshield.

      I also changed the engine to a 1994 Johnson 70 with a 60 hood.

      The engine sports all new paint.

      I hope this inspires someone to save an old Whaler. They're around. What great boats! I own several others but Whalers have a special place, in my heart.

      I hope y'all enjoyed this small "project"! Don't get me wrong, it took me two years but on my own time.

      You may notice that the trailer has no tongue. That's by design. I had a welding shop make it removeable (garage issues). With the tongue inserted, that adds another three feet. She pulls great and have no issues.

      Enjoy, let me know if I can help.

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