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16 foot equinox canoe restoration project

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  • 16 foot equinox canoe restoration project

    I am a beginner to fiberglass repair, though I have done a bit of patch work in the past.

    I recently began restoring my 16 foot fiberglass canoe and have basically gotten her sanded down. Moving forward I am looking for advice on strategies to fix a few of her issues.

    Canoe Restoration Project - Imgur

    That album shows what I am working on. Any advice would be welcome.

    To sum it up, she has a couple significant damages to the keel, damaged gunwales, and a multitude of cracks in the gelcoat, or even deeper. My plan is to grind down each and every area of deeper damage and build the fiberglass back up with successive layers of fiberglass mat and cloth. I am using a simple bondo fiberglass repair kit and don't want to get too complex with this since its my first project.

    Any advice welcome.

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    hi, i see this is a couple years old, did you ever get it figured out? I just started a project with similar issues.
    "damages to the keel", "cracks in the gelcoat" (or at least in the top coat which might be just a paint on this old thing I have). I also (like your link have issues with some of the keel foam being rotted/damaged/or maybe just scraped out when keel was damaged).
    I guess I'll be starting a new post, but just wondered if you're around to make some updates to what you ended up doing and how it turned out.


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      Cant, please do.start a topic abiut working on your canoe. Ptolemy made this 1 post and never came back to fill out any details.

      His imgr acct doesnt show the finished project either.

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