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type of paint on aluminum boat

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  • type of paint on aluminum boat

    What type of paint is on an old 70's aluminum boat?
    It's that bright green original coat.
    Curious because I am trying to strip the boat down and it don't want to come off.

    Any help or suggestions would be great!

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    Re: type of paint on aluminum boat

    Might be a coat of zinc chromate.... not sure though could use a picture if ya have one...does it look like this?Click image for larger version

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      Re: type of paint on aluminum boat

      I painted a 21ft aluminum boat and did not strip all the paint off. I sanded the whole boat with 150 grit paper to knock down any imperfections. I them sprayed the boat with rustoluem aluminum primer. Then i used rustoleum professional paint, and i wet sanded in between each coat. the boat turned out great. Has a real nice deep shine to it.

      If it were me, I would not try to strip it all off. I would sand, prime, and paint over top of it.
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        Re: type of paint on aluminum boat

        Yeah I dont have a way to take good enough pictures since my camera broke. the paint kinda looks like the darker color green on your boat just a little brighter. Before I started I thought just dumping on the aircraft stripper and scrapping it off would be alot easier and now that I did that I kinda feel like I have to finish getting it to bare metal because the stripper could have affected the bond to the older layers of paint enough to ruin the new paint job.
        I even tried the torch and wooden scrapper method but the aluminum actually started to warp before the paint ever started bubbling so I had to nix that idea.