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Replacing a transom

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  • Replacing a transom

    There are many questions regarding transom rebuilds with options of popping the cap to just cutting off the cap around the transom area. I came across this series of youtube videos the other day regarding a rather simple transom rebuild and thought of everyone here. NOTE...THIS IS NOT MY PROJECT. Now...before some of you come back to me saying this guy used the "wrong" materials, etc., let me say this. I liked this video for a couple of reasons. 1.) He cut the back of the cap off rather than popping the top. Still, I am not here (or there) to judge if the remaining stringers needed to be replaced. 2.) He installed plywood and not some fancy composite. Again, I am not judging his methods, but appreciate that he used wood from a hardware store. Overall, with how he did it, I would not...product, sealing, etc., but to each his own. He ended up with a finished product and splashed the thing. In the video there is a lot to learn, either in what to do, or what not to do. Hope you enjoy it.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3