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Need help with dash Graphics

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  • Need help with dash Graphics

    Hi all.....I have an '89 four winns sundowner and the ink graphics printed on the dash are mostly worn off. Any ideas of how to restore? can the panels be purchased new? it looks like silver ink on black plastic. Any help would be appriciated

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    Re: Need help with dash Graphics

    Snap a quick photo of them if you can. I'm not familiar with the design, but I might be able to give you some cheaper alternatives to buying a full panel - maybe not because graphics can be pricey too.


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      Re: Need help with dash Graphics

      Those panels are a long time out of production.
      If you're extremely lucky you might find them sittin' on a dealers dusty shelf, but that's a really long shot.
      Why not spruce it up?
      Get some sheet aluminium, layout, cut the holes, then take it to a sign/ graphics shop. You might be surprised what they'll do.

      I updated this panel about 10 years ago. In my case I powdercoated the panel and replaced everything except the black plexi on the upper right side.
      The sign guy made up a single vinyl label for all the switches. He also had some great ideas about creating custom logos, so I gave him the go-ahead, within a certain budget.
      IMO he did a great job for under 100 bucks.
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        Re: Need help with dash Graphics

        Excellent idea, upgrading the panel!!....if it was repairable i would concider but since there isnt a "fix" then the new panel with grafix would be great, I just happen to be a paint rep for DuPont and have friends in the powder division as well as contacts with artists so this could turn into a really cool project....thanks for the reply and idea


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          Re: Need help with dash Graphics


          I didn't read the prior post and repeated prior comments.


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