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old aluminum 14' Aqua Queen

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  • old aluminum 14' Aqua Queen

    Got an old fishing boat, that has rivets/seams that seep water in places. Have heard of using "gluvit" to help stop leaks. Will a substance called "Permaflex" work? Guess its some type of waterproofing paint? Also what would be the best paint to waterproof new plywood bench seats. It's nothing fancy, just a fishing boat. I redid all the seats and transom recently, and made the middle and rear seats with lids to store stuff inside. Also put 2 batteries up under front seat to offset weight since stern has a 25 h.p. 2 stroke, and a 24v trolling motor. Thinking of a white paint to seal the treated plywood. Thanks for any help......Ralph

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    Re: old aluminum 14' Aqua Queen

    The work you have done looks good, but you put the cart before the horse. You should fix all of your leaks and rivets and then do your inerior work.

    Permaflex and Gluvit are not the same and permaflex won't work, but Gluvit will.

    If that is ASQ pressure treated plywood it is going to eat (corrode) your aluminum boat. You might be ok if you take all of your wood out and paint it so no bare wood is exposed to your aluminum. Use 2 or 3 coats of paint, the exterior porch and deck paint will work.

    What do you plan on using for floatation foam and where do you plan to put it? Or are you just going to risk doing without it?

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: old aluminum 14' Aqua Queen

      Yeah, that was the plan to pull it all back out and paint it. I wanted to get it all set the way I wanted it first, then when its out and being painted, I will be doing aluminum sealing. Can be killing 2 birds with one stone then. I plan on filling half of the box seats each with foam and keeping half for storage of tackle etc.


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        Re: old aluminum 14' Aqua Queen

        I've used Gluvit and it really works well. The quart size can will be PLENTY for your boat. Just remember that it isn't UV protected so you'll have to paint it anywhere it will be exposed to the sun.
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