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1973 Mako 19 Restore

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  • 1973 Mako 19 Restore

    This spring, I bought a 1973 Mako 19 with intentions of restoring it this winter. I figured I would enjoy it for the summer and find an indoor space to work on it through the winter. The engine has had some issues since I started using it and after adding a water pump, t-stats, and some other items, it overheated on the water last weekend and probably did some damage. I have decided to get a new engine for the boat and while I have the engine off, do the beginning of a restoration project that I will most likely finish in the winter. My goal is to pull the back half of the deck, transom, and most likely a few feet of stringers (one for sure, pics below) and have the boat seaworthy for a new engine by September. (about a month from now) I will also be pulling the gas tank... I haven't yet decided on whether I will replace it or go above deck. The deck is solid up front although I know its best to pull the whole thing, I want to be able to enjoy the boat for at least some of this season. Does this seem like a decent plan?

    I have very little experience in making repairs of this kind and will be looking to this site for a lot of guidance. I have been reading over countless restorations and I know I will probably ask some questions that have been asked 100 times before but everyone here seems very helpful.

    Here are some pics of the boat

    The left side stringer appears to have had a hole drilled into it, anyone know why this would be? It looks like the stringer is split and needs to be replaced at least to the split for the time being.

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    Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

    Got almost everything stripped from the boat. I was suprised to see the gas tank looked like it had been replaced but I could be wrong. My plan going forward is to cut the perimeter of the deck leaving a 3" lip. I was under the assumption I would be able to seperate the soft core from the origional deck skin and re-bond the old skin to new core. is this a possibility? Also, the fuel line looks pretty close to the floor. Will this be a problem when cutting the deck? I am replacing lines. Here are some pics so far:

    Console off boat, notice the crack along the rear joint. My brother sitting up front fell through after hitting a wake.

    Deck stripped

    Fuel tank, In the pictures of tanks I have seen coming out on this website they seem alot worse than this one. Of course I havent cut it out yet so we will see what it looks like then.

    Fuel Lines


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      Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

      Got the tank out today. I was able to fit a 2x4 into the space between the tank and coffin and it came out pretty easily. It looks like it must have been replaced. There was definetly a smell of gas in the bilge but it may have come from old lines. I am debating whether to get the tank tested or just go ahead and get a new one. I think I might get a plastic one. The seal around the coffin cover was not done well and there was a lot of standing water with soaked foam. I am going to try to dry out the foam and reuse it somewhere. Would I put the old foam in the bottom or on top of the new foam?


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        Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

        Got the rear portion deck off today. Stringers on each side of middle one are cracked and I assume the middle one is probably rotten. I am still hoping I can maybe at least get into good wood past the coffin?

        Can I cut the rest of the deck out and take out foam before I put the boat on jacks? it can only get lighter at this point right? [] i definitely want to get it on jacks before doing stringers. Will I be able to do the transom while it is on jacks?

        rear portion deck out

        rear part of tank coffin

        Cracked stringer

        Middle Stringer:
        What is the core for the portion of the middle stringer that runs under the foam?

        Other side stringer also cracked


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          Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

          Got the middle part of the deck up this morning. I learned my lesson after doing the rear portion of the deck with a short sleeved shirt that a mask and long sleeves are a MUST [xx(]

          The foam under the coffin was wet but it was pretty dry on the sides except around the fuel lines where the foam was soaked with fuel. As I went further towards the bow the stringers seem to be in pretty good shape. I am trying to decide whether to cut the front portion of the deck out. The deck is solid there.

          I was surprised to see every part of the deck forward of the captains chairs is fiberglass with no core. I am going to lay a new core in the rear part of the deck and glass it. I realize now it wouldn't be feasible to reattach the old glass to a new core. As for the uncored portion of the deck, I am going to either grind out and redo the stringers or sister new ones in next to the old ones. Does this sound doable? For added strength, I want to stack hard foam under those stringers and pour foam around them. Notice in the side view of the deck. they put one strip of plywood where the captains chair sit and the rest looks like balsa. Could this have been a deck replacement or is this how they did it origionally?

          Stringers seem better towards bow

          Under the coffin

          Side view under captains chairs

          Balsa behind chairs


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            Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

            by the way since i started, i have decided to finish the whole job this year and hopefully be fully done by next year


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              Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

              Nice hull, will be a real nice CC when you're done. Good luck with your project. (no glass knowledge here so I have nothing helpful to contribute )
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                Re: 1973 Mako 19 Restore

                I like that blue cover you have on the bow of the boat. seems like a good thing to have over the cooler weeks when staying out at night. Where would one get one of those?

                Excellent photos for reference when I come to do my project Mako.
                It looks like you did or are doing this outside. Gives me even more inspiration as I do not have garage.


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                  Lots of great info out there for restoring classic Makos, good luck with project! I bought a '72 Mako 19 with a Johnson 88 SPL in February, I have a similar plan of lightly refurbishing it (new gauges, wiring, bottom paint, teak, bilge pump, etc), using it this summer and pulling deck next winter.

                  What kind of top speed did you get with your 90hp? Do you think it's an adequate motor for a '19?



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                    Congrats on your new ro you 1972 Mako. U fortunately, its been 4.5yrs since Rdobias posted here, so you are unlikely to get a reply.

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                    Start a topic about your Mako and ask about motor hp and max capacity there.

                    Thank you

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