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Official Business of the 3V Club ( aka tri hull club )

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  • I have an old 1976 Thunderbird 15' Tri Hull that I am trying to restore as time, money and interest coincide. My wife says it has been a multi year project already.


    • Capt Willie, I see that this post is a few years old but posting in hopes that you or anyone would help a very lost newbie.

      i just purchased a 1976 omega tri hull ski boat, and have no idea what I’m doing but want to learn. The hull and interior of the boat are in great conditions considering the year but the engine needs work. I am stuck on the first part which is the carburetor. It’s beokwn and need to do a a replacement but being that the maker of this boat is out of business not sure what options I have. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

      Originally posted by Capt. Willie View Post
      Hi all, I'm a new member, and a proud owner of an Omega 1976 18' Tri-Hull, Open Bow, In/Outboard.

      I just picked this boat up, cheap.......I initially thought I'd just resell, but she deserves a full resto, and right now, I'm undecided.....I started a thread in 'Boat Topics Sect'....and have a few pics there.

      I like the Tri-Hull club sticker, maybe I'll get one...someday. I got my work cut out for me on this one, and I just finished reading the thrillhouse 700 thread. They did an awesome job on their 1975 Omega Tri-Hull Resto, and splashed her a yr. after beginning the project.

      Great forum, website, and this thread/club too.

      Update: I've decided to sell this boat, and thought maybe a dedicated 3V member/fan here would be interested.
      I'll probably place an ad here.....she needs some work, but has good potential......pics in link.



      • Welcome aboard Phillip.

        Post your engine trouble along with the year, make and model of your engine/drive in the appropriate forum (Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo). That'll get you the most help.


        • Not sure of age but this 23ft Falcon Malibu has caught my interest, considering for two reasons:
          1. kinda ugly and very unique
          2. would be a fun restoration

          Boat is at a repair shop which use to be a dealer for them back in the day. Owner says he's done numerous restores on this model plus these are great Gulf boats (I live in Houston) and very straightforward restorations. He told me deck for sure, stringers probably and the transom has been replaced and is very solid, just needs some cosmetic clean up. No trailer though which is a big addition to the $1,000 cost of the hull. Here's a link to one of his restorations, what do you think??




          • Well, if we're trying to keep this thread alive...
            I just acquired a 15' 1985 Ebbtide Tri Hull. Does this get me in?!?!


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              Ha! I had a bud with one of those several years ago. It was a fun little boat to run around in!

              Welcome aboard.