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Anything special about sealing a bolt hole?

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  • Anything special about sealing a bolt hole?

    1997 Silverton 310, solid fiberglass bottom (non-cored). I thought I was getting a small trickle of water into the bilge from poorly sealed threads on the drain plug in the cabin. After cleaning up those threads and putting some teflon tape in there, I saw that the trickle was actually coming from one of the bolts in the drain plug fitting. I contacted the manufacturer and confirmed that the hull is solid, which I think (hope)makes my job pretty easy, right? I was thinking of pulling the boat out of the water this weekend, removing that bolt, coating it with 5200, and putting it back in. However few things are as simple as they seem on the surface. Is there anything else in particular I should be looking for/doing during this process? Is 5200 a decent choice for this application or should I try to keep the bolts removable with something other than a saw?

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    Re: Anything special about sealing a bolt hole?

    5200 is fine for bolts, its just a sealant, its not permanent loctite.
    A wrench will remove the bolt in the future , no matter what .
    See FAQ Files.

    Get the genuine factory service manual.


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      Re: Anything special about sealing a bolt hole?

      Agree. 4200 if you're particularly concerned about being to get it off again someday.
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