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transom ? on 87 Bass Tracker

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  • transom ? on 87 Bass Tracker

    Hi fellas, new to the forum as of today but been reading post for a while. Great info on here.......

    My issue is this, just bought this 87 Tracker and its been mostly redone except for a wiring mess and a bad transom. if any one has a wiring diagram for this boat that would be great.

    Next, on the transom replacement, does the wood go completely from one side to the other, because it looks fairly simple to get the transom cap off (rivets) but if the wood goes under the corner covers on each side then it looks like the only way to get them off is to cut the welds. Do the corners have to come off? That would suk but I have a mig welder with aluminum wire......

    If the wood does go from side to side and the sides are good, would it be ok to only replace the middle portion of the transom wood?
    Thanks for any help......

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    Re: transom ? on 87 Bass Tracker

    Boats don't typically have wiring diagrams, the wiring does follow color guidlines though.

    The only way to know how the wood is positioned is to take it apart, you'll know in about 15 minutes how it was done.