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1961 Larson All American 16'

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  • 1961 Larson All American 16'

    Hello all
    I just recently got a 1962 Larson All American 16' boat. It is great. I have always dreamed about owing my own boat since I was a little kid. I worked on her all day and night last night and tonight. So far I have gotten the five crazy paint jobs sanded down to the original paint and in some places to the fiberglass. The floor is cut out where there was a weak spot and new plywood is in place ready to be glassed. the steering is in place and working correctly and that is all. All of the lights are off all of the trim is off. This is my first boat. I am very mechanically inclined and know most stuff about motors. But I know nothing about points and magnetos. I have the original 1962 Johnson Sea Horse 75HP motor that goes with the boat. Here is my problem. The paint is cracked very bad. I don't want to sand the entire thing down to the fiberglass and repaint if i can avoid it. I am very limited on money. Is there something like maybe bondo I can use to fill in all of these cracks? Also The motor has no spark. I Just found out that this motor is a 2 stroke so I am going to be ordering the service manual so I don't screw something up. If anyone has any pic's of this boat or any suggestions on what I can do with an extremely limited budget that would be great. Also I am sure the coil is bad on the motor if anyone knows where i can find one please let me know with a link because i have already searched here but can not find one for this year model.
    Thank you all in advance and I would like to say I plan to give you all a full documentary on the boat just like cuda did on his boat.

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    Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

    Welcome to iboats.

    Very confusing post...... I am not sure if it is about the motor od the hull

    Cracks in fiberglass can be faired out with what we refer to as "peanut butter" Do a search for "peanut butter" (use the quotes) and you will see the formulas.

    Separate your post and we have a Johnson Evinrude section on the forum to post that question in
    This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
    Please, shop iboats first!!


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      Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

      The post is about the boat. This is my first time repairing a boat. It was a general question.


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        Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

        My first boat was a 15' 1961 Larson All-American. Great boat. Here's a pix.


        Here's the album:

        The 2 photos where it's blue were by the guy I gave it to. It needed more than I could afford at the time. Had lots of good times on it. My younger son & I will be friends forever from the bond we formed on that boat!
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          Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

          sorry i dont have time to answer this fully.

          the short of it is that if its a fiberglass boat....its not the paint thats cracked....its gellcoat.....different stuff.

          read here at i boats.....search.....

          read the hull extension in progress thread.

          as far as the motor.....post your questions in the outboard forum....our guys here are good....really good.....they can help you.

          cheers....and welcome to i boats
          The Hull Extension Thread
          great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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            Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

            Thank you all for the replys. I actually already started to read the hull extention post and it is very helpful. Now i have to look at some of the pictures in that link and start to figure out what to do with the inside of the boat. I posted in the johnson section and someone already replyed with a parts list. I am starting to think that maybe the motor is not what i was told it was because the parts do not seem to match. Thank you all agian and I will put some pic's up here as i go along with this project


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              Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

              fisherball thank you soooo much those pic's are like gold. Now I have a good idea to start. Boat looked beautiful


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                Re: 1961 Larson All American 16'

                congrats on your new boat. I have a 61 larson also. my first boat, came with a 58 evinrude 35 that I put alot into but no matter what there was another problem. I bought a used 35 1980 johnson and now I enjoy the boat with no problems. good luck and have fun.