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1973 Steury V415S restoration - newb

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  • 1973 Steury V415S restoration - newb

    Last fall I rescued my dad's boat from his woods where it sat partially covered for the last eight years. Actually this is the second time I rescued this boat. Previously I replaced the seats and painted the top side with Interlux Brightside polyurethane paint before returning it to my day about eight years ago. Now it is mine and I intend to protect it after it is restored. I've learned much reading this forum over the last several months and decided to dive into the restoration. I'll have many questions as I start to rebuild and I look forward to your suggestions and comments.

    These are my before pictures taken after I shoveled out the leaves and scrubbed the boat. Not too bad. The polyurethane paint has held up great. Also, the critters left the seats alone! The battery was left in the boat and it split open from freezing. The battery box captured the acid. Last fall I got the engine running and was trying to get her in the water. At the time I was ignoring the spongy floor and the crack in the transom. (I was in denial!). I didn't make it to the river and had the winter to accept that the boat needs a complete restoration.

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    Re: 1973 Steury V415S restoration - newb

    Here are a series of picture showing my progress over the last few weeks.

    Here you can see the fiberglass tabbing that made separating the cap from the hull challenging.

    The cap was glued to to the transom. I had to cut a small piece from the top to separate the cap.

    Here you can see the 3" hole I cut with a hole saw to check transom. Water poured from the smaller holes I drilled toward the bottom.

    Next I need to build a cradle to keep the hull in shape and for support as I remove the stringers. I'm thinking of building a wooden cradle on top of the trailer so i I can keep the project mobile. I will have to pull it out to change oil and repair our cars. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Sorry about the pics as links. I don't know why only the first picture is shown.
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      Re: 1973 Steury V415S restoration - newb

      Working from stern to bow

      Deck out - still have plenty of grinding to do!

      I managed to save some parts to use as templates.