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Volvo penta manual-Solex carb-wrong info

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  • Volvo penta manual-Solex carb-wrong info

    I just rebuilt the Solex downdraft carb. for my AQ131A, using the Volvo penta O/B rebuild manual('68-91), but found an error in the assembly section.

    The reason for taking the carb. off was it was hard to start and there was no accelerator pump action(no fuel squirtin'). And for a $400 bill, my old man was quite pissed as this was the first time out on the water this year.

    I tore down the carb. and found the spring for the accelerator pump on the wrong side(instead of the opposing end of the lever it was between the diaphragm and the lever). I ordered up a complete kit for it anyways(I don't trust anyone) including the manual. In the manual it illustrates for you to install the spring this way. But when installed this way the carb. does not function at all.

    The person or people who overhauled the carb. followed the manual and did not test it or run it up. Is it their fault no, but common sense should come into play some times.

    The Katsass

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    Re: Volvo penta manual-Solex carb-wrong info

    Interesting, I looked at the OEM manual that you can download from the adults only, volvo info page in the I/O forum and it appears to show the spring in the same place, between the diapham and cover.

    I looked at the parts breakdown and it shows the spring behind the diaphram like you say it should be. I think Seloc copies most of its info from the OEM manuals anyway. Wrong forum by the way

    So did you get it running?
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      Re: Volvo penta manual-Solex carb-wrong info

      Yes, I had to turn in the pilot 1/2 turn. She likes it lean. But we need to stick it in the water and play around to make it perfect(full power/acceleration). I've rebuilt many motorcycle carbs., but this was my first boat carb. and it has many systems built into it, rather than a conventional one.


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        Re: Volvo penta manual-Solex carb-wrong info

        I ran into the same issue. The Seloc manual has both photographs and a sketch - you need to go by the photograph. It didn't make sense to me either so I actually put fuel in the bowl to make sure it was pumping when the arm was actuated.

        As far as tuneup on the muffs - you should be able to do a pretty good job on the accalerator pump linkage and on the idle air mixture adjustment. The only thing I've found is to fine tune the idle rpm while on the water. Keep in mind that not having a choke makes these a little cold blooded. Set the idle rpm after it warms up.
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