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'68 Starcraft / and so it begins

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  • '68 Starcraft / and so it begins

    Well here it goes. After a month and a half of clearing the garage out and building a dolly for the boat and a rack for the motor and stocking both refrigerators with beer, I've finally started actual demolition. I was excited to find 16 3/8" holes in the hull as I was removing the rotten wood framing. You don't need to look at the stickers on the front to know this boat has been a victim of Appalachian engineering. I'm going to rip out the rear storage area and the floor this weekend and God only knows what I'll find. On the bright side I've located an Amish guy down the road that supplies and welds stainless steel and aluminum, and another Amish neighbor that makes custom boat covers and tops. They will soon be my best buddies. Have a look at the pics, and any advice would be appreciated.



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    Re: '68 Starcraft / and so it begins

    Tis no barn but it's a mighty fine boat English.

    Those Amish dudes do some good work. You'll have a solid boat and save a ton of money on your welding and cover...



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