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Scupper Hose Replacement

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  • Scupper Hose Replacement

    Last season I noticed the hoses connecting my deck drains to the scuppers on the transom are dry rotted. I plan on replacing them come spring time prior to launch.....already thinking of next season!

    Question is, should the scuppers be replaced at the same time? I see many posts about replacing thru-hull fittings and am assuming this would come under the same concern.....

    Are these known to have problems like the rest of the plastic thru hull fittings? I am assuming they are original at this point.

    Thanks in advance..........
    '84 Grady White Offshore
    350 Mag w/ Vortec Heads
    Alpha 1 Drive

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    Re: Scupper Hose Replacement

    If they are the white plastic ones (scuppers), then I'd go ahead and replace them. They usually go BEFORE the hoses, so if all of yours are original, I'd certainly be suspect if I were you. After all, it's a hole in your boat... Why not be safe and take care of it all while you're at it?

    In short, I say YES!
    1990 Cabo 204 Centercon Yamaha 150