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Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

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  • Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

    Hi all,

    I have a 2008 Four Winns H220 with a scratch (gouge) in the hull. The gouge is about 18 inches long, 1/4" wide at the worst, and about 1/8" - 3/16" deep (maybe a little more). It is definitely into the gray fiberglass under the gel coat. It is located about 12" above the water line on the side of the hull.

    I would like some advice on how to properly repair this. My thinking is this:

    Use 80-100 grit paper with my DA sander to sand down to the bottom of the scratch and feather it out to maybe 2-3" wide.

    Apply the appropriate fiberglass in layers working from the middle (deepest) out to the edges.

    Once the fiberglass cures I can block sand the entire area down (including the adjacent gell coat) and reapply new gel coat.

    Does this sound about right. I do have some questions though:

    Where do I get the appropriate fiberglass and resin? What brand and part number?

    Do I build the new fiberglass all the way up to the level of the existing gel coat or do I leave it a little shallow and allow the new gel coat to be about 1/16 - 1/8" thick?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Re: Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

    Welcome to iboats

    First sorry to hear about your damage BUT it is a fairly new boat so matching the gel coat is probably going to be on the money.

    You have the steps laid out just fine and I would visit the dealer for a matching gel coat.
    This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
    Please, shop iboats first!!


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      Re: Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

      heres some step by step repairs of different types of damage w/ links to pics.

      See FAQ Files.

      Get the genuine factory service manual.


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        Re: Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

        Link malfunction


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          Re: Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

          you only need to repair the fiberglass if the glass has been scarred....

          if you do it the way you suggest you will have a "bump" in that spot.

          if the glass is damaged and needs repair.....make the repair area a little larger.

          any fiberglass repair kit from the local hard ware store will do....(these are usaually "waxed" products).....after the final layer of glass.....you will need to sand off the waxy surface of the resin before you add the gellcoat.

          as far as the gellcoat repair......follow manufacturers directions to the letter as far as mixing and adding the mekp.

          then just paint it on and sand it flat.starting from 220 grit and going to 1600...then buff it out.

          The Hull Extension Thread
          great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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            Re: Reparing a gouge in fiberglass

            Hello Dexter.....

            um..no .. no no no...

            you say only like 1/8-3/16 deep...your not into the fiberglass..you dont need fiberglass..the 4W horizon has thick gel..and has an undercoat ( print preventitive coating ) that your seeing..im almost certain..

            Call your local 4w dealer .. the gel is cheap.. get it..its called " aztec surf white "

            just ..... erm.. well.. trade secret..............

            No really..just tape your repair and brush it in.. ( most times ill just dish it out and spray it with a preval ( yea..its just knowing what to do at this point how..what..etc. ) sprayer and block sand and buff..) you only need to sand to 1200 .. buff .. .

            Your repair is EZ..do not use glass and make it larger than needed m8.......

            Do your best and caulk the rest