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1963 Starcraft - my first boat project

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  • 1963 Starcraft - my first boat project

    I found it on the side of the road and bought it for $300. The next day my dad and I hooked up just a 30# trolling motor and took it fishing. It didnt leak a drop, much to our surprise. So over the winter I am gonna work on it and make it a decent boat to take the gf and kids out in.

    If you guys can tell from the pics what model the boat is, that would be helpful. I looked all over it and there is nothing that states the weight capacity or max hp. It would be helpful to know whether I should get a long shaft or short shaft motor too.

    I was thinking of just stripping the wood and carpet out, then spraying the inside of the boat with bedliner to make an easy to clean non slip bottom. If anyone has tried this, please let me know if it was a good idea and if you were happy with how that worked out.

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    Re: 1963 Starcraft - my first boat project

    Slowjeep welcome to ibots and the Starcraft club . I would say from the looks of her she is a Jet of Jetstar . We will need some measurements ( such as from Transom to the tip of the Bow.) I would also recomend you go back and redo your pics the size is fine but you need to get them lines up one on top of the other . The best way to do this is to put in the URL then hit the enter button a few times then do the next URL and continue until all your pics are in . URL click enter a few times URL click enter a few times etc.etc.

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      Re: 1963 Starcraft - my first boat project

      Hey slowjeep did you get the long/shortshaft figured out?

      15" is short, 20" is long from the keel to the top of the transom. If you are rebuilding the transom it would be a great opportunity to switch from one to the other if feasible(although that would entail quite a bit of work and I'd only do it if you had a mismatched outboard ready to be clamped on).

      How's the rest of the boat looking? Any more pics?

      Here is a link to the original 1963 Starcraft brochure if you still want to get a positive ID based on measurements. I agree with Rick, it looks like a Jet/Jetstar, the only difference between the two is the benches vs back-to-back seating from what I recollect.
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        Re: 1963 Starcraft - my first boat project

        Hey, welcome.

        From you pics and without measurements, it looks nearly identical to my '64 Jet Star, except you have the forward facing seats, so I would agree with Huron and say it's a Jet. The design of the splashwell, dash and transom look identical to mine. Looks like you need a short shaft (15") motor.

        I'm still debating what to do with my transom, I have a long shaft motor to put on it. I'll have the winter now to think it over. Ideally, I'd like to replace the wood in it completely and extend it up to go straight across the back for 20" height, but have had a heck of a time trying to get the old wood piece out, no luck so far. Really stumped on that one.

        I'm wondering if that's the original windshield.

        The Jets and Jet Stars are rated for 45 HP ('64). I'd say you got a steal for $300!
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