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Transom and floor replacement in an old runabout

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  • Transom and floor replacement in an old runabout

    Hi Guys,
    I bought an old 15'6" runabout with working 55hp Johnson and trailer for $500...It had bucket car seats and I knew the floor and transom were rotten by the angle iron bolted across the splashwell. We tried it out just before winter to make sure it was worth th effort....so here I am, with a few questions. I want to do this right but within reason considering boats age

    How thick of plywood do I use for the transom, I also have a 4.5hp merc kicker. Doesn't look like I can go much more than an inch.

    boat supply/repair guy told me to use poly resin ($220canadian/5 gal)...plywood to replace stringers (curently 2 x 6) and to eliminate board up the middle cause it doesn't let water drain (2 x3 hard) and is not needed because the keel is the strongest place, and it doesn't support the floor. but that might be original, I don't know if anything else is. OPINIONS?
    He also told me to fill the outer space with foam that you pour in, that's not a big space, does the foam do anything?
    The floor was only 1/4 inch plywood. what should it be?
    Stringers are just tabbed on, should they be totally covered?

    I have now ripped out the floor and wood (powder) from the transom. Is there any way to replace the transom without spliting to top off, mine is bolted together. I really don't think I can wiggle solid wood past the splash well.

    The 1 lower motor mount cracked into the hull, what do you use to fix outer shell?
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    Re: Transom and floor replacement in an old runabout

    search transom repair on this website. there will be some help to you and there is a pour in transom repair kit on the internet but it is expensive. i replaced the transom in a 77 roughneck bass boat with a 85hp johnson by removing the top deck sliding it forward, cutting the inside fiberglass out of the transom replacing with 3/4" treated plywood 2 layers then laying new fiberglass back over it about 4-5 layers thick. then i layed one layer of fiberglass across the outside of the hull sanded primered and painted and it seemed to work well. i sold boat a couple of months later. but last i heard it is still doing fine after 3 years.


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      Re: Transom and floor replacement in an old runabout

      Frosty . look at the completed projects section. . than some of the restore projects still going on like johns "pics of work so far"

      as for the deck go with either 1/2 or 1/4 . and fully cover the stringers..

      also what year is the motor?
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        Re: Transom and floor replacement in an old runabout

        The motor is about a 69 hydro electric...It also came with a parts motor minus the bottom end. Motor work I should be able to handle, only thing I think I need to do is clean carbs (I'll do spare carbs, then exchange) and maybe a prop seal.
        Any opinions about the board up the middle of keel?