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'85 Bayliner Capri BR seat replacement

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  • '85 Bayliner Capri BR seat replacement

    New boat and first project- any assistance is greatly appreciated. 1985 Bayliner Capri 14 BR with Force 50. The seats need to be replaced. Can someone tell me how the raised platform is constructed? I'd like to add a small riser under the seats so I can elevate them about 3 inches. I'd like to avoid drilling pilot holes to look around if I can avoid it.

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    Re: '85 Bayliner Capri BR seat replacement

    hi.....welcome to i boats.....

    we have a lot of florida guys here......(refugees from the cold winters)

    one of our mods holds a raft up at the jax airshow

    uh........as far as your boat.....sorry.....i dont think thats stock.

    someone has added that center box thingie......

    chances are it was glassed in.......b-liners has a glassed in seat base......screwing into the deck is no big deal if its done right.....drill into the area....remove the screw....fill hole with epoxy or 3m 5200 and re screw.
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      Re: '85 Bayliner Capri BR seat replacement

      Hi. I have a 86 bayliner capri 1600 br...the next size up from yours. the bases are just plywood covered with carpet.the oem seat was a bench seat with a smaller flip down center portion to use as a pass through. go to www.wiseseats.com. look at the tufted bench seats. that style of seat would look awesome in your boat. the bench seats used in bass boats would be the closest exact replacement. you could also rip out the raised platform altogether, and install a set of small craft back to back lounge seats.look at ********.com. good luck.


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        Re: '85 Bayliner Capri BR seat replacement

        some of those platforms, were glassed in at the factory. you could build a box out of 2x3 on edge, and put 3/4 ply on top for the riser. use some angle brackets to attach to present platform.
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          Re: '85 Bayliner Capri BR seat replacement

          This is great information. Thank you!