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Transom paint?

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  • Transom paint?

    In the process of replacing my transom and fixing some small damage to the outside of the transom I san ded through the gelcote in a couple places. DO I need to re-gelcote the entimre transom area? Can I leave it? Can I paint it? What type of paint? Does itneed to be antifouling, and if so, can I get it in white? It'll only bein fresh water, maybe 10 times a year, and on a trailer between trips.

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    Re: Transom paint?

    no you dont need to re gellcoat the entire transom....

    there is a product called patch aid from composits one that is mixed with gellcoat that will work great....the repair can be made invisible.

    you can also use a body filler like poly fair....and sand the area smooth....

    there are a ton of paints on the market for marine use......(and no...you do not need to use anti fouling paint for the hull in fresh water)

    paints called awl grip, and emmeron are famous.......just hit search

    The Hull Extension Thread
    great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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      Re: Transom paint?

      I agree with oops on the general principle of his statement however both the Awlgrip and Imron are two part products. Really expensive, hard to apply by a beginner ( both are spray recommended - but not necessary ). Another suggestion would be to use a single part product such as Easypoxy ( pettit paints ) or Briteside ( interlux paint ).
      You're gonna' have some left over ( quarts are the smallest size available ) but at least it will not be so hard on your pocketbook. Another plus is the fact that the shelf life on a single part paint is a little longer that two pacs
      ( not mixed of course ). Just a thought.
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        Re: Transom paint?

        Thanks for the input, I'll research those products.