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1957 magnolia runabout

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  • 1957 magnolia runabout

    Hi All,

    I am a newby.. 43 and have never had a boat.. I have been on this forum reading for about 3 weeks.. (it took me about 24 hours to read the Oops thread about boat extension) (congrats Oops.)

    This summer my wife and I rented a boat on vacation.. and tooled around the lake. i had a great time and have been jonesing for a boat... much to her chargrin (sp)....

    I have found one I am interested in.. its a 1957 magnolia runabout, its got a trailer but no engine. the guy wants $200.. is that a good deal? I spoke with him he said that these boats dont have wood stringers and its all fiberglass with fiberglass seat forms molded in. I havent seen this boat.. and nobody knows the last time it was in the water

    He also has a 1968 hydro swift with an engine and trailer for $250.. it needs a floor and seats.. etc...

    I am giving serious thought to the 1957, because if it doesnt need floor work etc.. I can just clean it up.. find a OB motor for it..... and away I go..

    but heres the rub.. I am an extreem gear head.. I was reading the thread on the grady white about an I/B... I thought.. hey there ya go.. I have built cars and MC's before so I thought what about a MC engine with a shaft drive and using that as an I/B motor..

    any or all information from the very experienced hands would be helpful
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    Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

    there are very strick rules on inboard engines. spark arrestors, spark free electronics. these are potential bombs, with gas fumes. for your first boat go outboard. a 50 hp would do very nicely on that boat. here is my 1966 Sportcraft.

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      Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

      nice boat tashasdaddy,
      I like the bimi top you have on it

      great information. ya know I figured it couldnt be as easy as just taking any
      motor you wanted and sticking it in.

      I will search for a 50hp outboard. I am looking for a boat that will do pretty good on gas and something just to go putting around the lake on.

      thanks a bunch


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        Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

        I paid $100 for a trailer that came with a 1961 14' runabout & a 1960 merc 400. The boat needed a new everything & the parts for the motor are hard to get. I lucked out and was given a 1987 50hp force. For the price you will pay for a motor to put on the boat, you probably can find a boat, trailer & motor package off of Craigslist. But if you like the boat go for it! But make sure you check the boat out real good, check for transom rot! Also Check to see if steering system is in good shape, Probably have to replace lights. How's the windshield? Any cracks, is it hazzie etc.
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          Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

          With a functional trailer definitely worth $200. You're not wood free though probably. Make sure the transom is solid. The easiest way to go about getting on the water cheap is to find an aluminum boat. The only wood in these is the transom and deck which are both pretty easy to replace. My project boat was $200 (to start ).
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            Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

            Hi Colobiker,

            I'm a relative newbie myself... But welcome aboard! You're gonna like this forum... These are good people.

            Now about the Magnolia...

            * I agree with Tashasdaddy... If for no other reason, go with an outboard for the first boat just to keep it sane.

            * More pics of a Magnolia '57: http://www.theclassicboathouse.com/magnolia57.html

            * But let's not get ahead of ourselves... I'd want to know more about the condition of the boat... Can you get better pics of the boat? Especially on the inside... Even if there are no wooden stringers, there can still be structural issues.

            * If the boat is structurally in good shape, it will probably mean just a clean up, fix up, and perhaps new gel coating to make it shine like a new penny.

            * As for the motor... (You're doomed I tell you... Doomed! Once a gear head gets boat motors in his blood, it's all over.) For that boat (and with an eye on gas prices), I'd say something in the 35 HP range... I picture something like:
            or maybe
            (I told you that you're doomed...)

            * The Hydro Swift... Is this the boat?
            If the motor runs, the trailer rolls, and the hull is sound, I'd take another look...

            Best of luck to you!



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              Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

              thanks for the info..

              I have spend a few hours on craigslist looking for an OB motor.. 35 to 50 hp..
              man they are expensive... plus.. I dont know much about re-build.. i am sure I can do it.. Have done MC's and cars before.. so it shouldnt be that big of a deal.

              I am giving thought to the hydroswift.... since it has an engine.. I also found another runabout.. in Denver that sombody has already ripped out most of the floor. and has a trailer and engine (that supposedly runs)

              but then.. the one I really want is an early 80's barretta... bow rider. with a 120hp I/O.. the floor is shot, but its a great starter.. the engine looks good, the hull is good... just gotta convince the wife


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                Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

                which engine is the 120 I/O. really for a starter boat go with an outboard. almost 30 Y/O I/O could be a lot of work to get right.
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                Please, NO PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems. they will not be answered.
                That is what these forums are for. Post your questions, in the appropriate Forum.


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                  Re: 1957 magnolia runabout

                  its a 4 banger merc I dont know a whole lot about it other than it looks good. the guy who has it, bought it as a project, he doesnt know if it runs either. he wanted to get on the water.. so he bought a newer running 4 winns.

                  so O/B's are easier to work on? what about parts?? I kinda thought that an I/O might be easier.. because alot of the engines are derrived from automobile engines....

                  did a bad bad thing, stopped by a dealership on friday afternoon.. looked at new boats.. got alot of great information.. looked at an 18' stingray.. out the door.. just over 16k...
                  but the bad thing....... I would have a boat like everybody else.. nothing original, nothing I can say.. yea.. I built this...

                  still up on a fence about this.. but will keep looking and let the crew know what i finally end up with