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1971 shell lake/lund how to tell if foam is wet?

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  • 1971 shell lake/lund how to tell if foam is wet?

    We are just getting ready to paint what I beleive is a 1971 shell lake boat, which I beleive was made by lund. It is a 14' runabout, fiberglass. It is still new to my buddy and I. We have a 50hp johnson on it and I would guess that it goes about 30mph with the two of us in it. I didnt have the gps to check actual speed the last time we had her out on the lake. Anyway, we are getting ready to paint it and it took 4 of us to roll it over on its top to paint the bottom, it seemed pretty heavy for a 14' boat. I was wondering if it has foam in the bottom and if it is possibly water logged. But my problem is I have no way of telling if there is foam in there because there is no way to see under the floor. There is some foam under the "hood" of the boat in the front and there is also some foam up under the part of the back end where the battery and gas tank go. Does anyone know how to tell if there is foam under the floor. personally I thought it woud go a little faster with a 50hp on a 14' boat.

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    Re: 1971 shell lake/lund how to tell if foam is wet?

    I've seen it recommended a lot to cut a plug out of the deck with a hole saw, then take a "sharpend" piece of PVC to take a "core sample". I've never personally tried this but it sounds like it would work.

    I think once you drill your hole and poke at the foam you'll know if it's wet. Careful not to drill through your hull.
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      Re: 1971 shell lake/lund how to tell if foam is wet?

      thats a really easy way to do it ....and brilliant if i may add....

      there is another way to try first........

      IF you can get the specs on the hull....weight.....take everything outta the boat....and weigh it..just drive it to the weigh scales...subtract the trailer and motor weight...if your 200 lbs over........

      then do the core sample......

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