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Painting My Fiberglass Boat Questions

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  • Painting My Fiberglass Boat Questions

    I'm going to paint my fiberglass boat and I have some questions for whoever may know.

    I dont believe the boat has been repainted before, its all the origional fiberglass skin or whatever it is. Its just ugly and faded and needs a fresh coat.

    Do I need to prime it if it is already sealed? There is a lot of oxidation all over it (cloudy white chalky). Can I get away with just cleaning and sanding it well?

    I may do some minor body work (filling in scratches / screw holes on top). For that, Can I use Bondo or similar filler? And can I just spot prime with any primer suitable for fiberglass?

    Can I use topside paint on the bottom? I dont plan on ever storing my boat in the water

    Thanks for you help.

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    Re: Painting My Fiberglass Boat Questions

    Find marine paint you want to use and follow the manufacuturers instructions as to primer under the new paint.
    I chose Interlux. Good colors and good instructions.
    I plan on using the topside paint below the water line. My boat should only be in the water for maybe 6hr at a time and stored on a trailer. My boat was previously painted so I am using a 1 part poly (Brightside) with the recommended primer. You could use there 2 part topcoat but look to see if they recommend it directly over the gel coat. A 2 part ploy will last the longest but will lift any other paint. Based on your paint, you should prime your spots with the recommended primer. (suitable for the paint not just on fiberglass)
    I used several brands of "Bondo" on the topside but not below the water line. Use only water proof filler there.


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      Re: Painting My Fiberglass Boat Questions

      hey pool

      welcome to i boats

      just about every question about boats has allready been asked here..just hit search...

      this is a great site....lots of people here whith real know how.

      fyi the "moderators" here dont get paid. they are REALLY up on their stuff. so treat them with respect...(the've earned it)...if a "mod answers yer post...its just about gospel.

      i bought a book called runabout renovation...it covers a lot of stuff including paint....it does suggest interlux

      the chalky stuff on your "gellcoat" is oxidation...you need to get rid of it before you paint...(not the gell coat) a light sanding should do it.....or rubbing compound...

      to fill in the scratches it is a little more complicated than that...you half to "feather" around the area....then fill it with recomended filler

      however,,,im sure someone who knows more than me will answer soon.

      good luck
      The Hull Extension Thread
      great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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        Re: Painting My Fiberglass Boat Questions


        Read through this - should answer a lot of your questions.
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