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Invader V197 Rebuild to Dream Fishing Boat

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  • Invader V197 Rebuild to Dream Fishing Boat

    Hi guys this is my 1st time posting here. This is a bit of a crazy story so Strap on those seat belts its a crazy ride .
    Okay its started with my 2nd diagnoses of Hodgskins Lymphoma Blood cancer coming upon 2 years ago now
    and this time it wasn't good (but what cancer diagnoses is) Ive been sick half my life but this time it was a different story,
    i was Told i was stage four and wouldn't see my next birthday =( and if i started treatment ASAP i had a 20% chance to beat it and live.
    Well long story short im a stubborn SOB that never gives up and took it as a challenge to prove them wrong . I opted out of the chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant to fight naturally (as i feel that being my 2nd battle and also having type 1 diabetes it would be a painful death) Drs said theres nothing more they can do for me and sent me home on Hospice at 39 years ..... To say the least i needed to clear my head and try to be positive, Dec 26th 2013 i quit my job and took on my 1st battle but used fishing and metal detecting as my escape and as a 5 year anniversary of detecting i sold my finds of value and bought my 1st real (Non Dinghy) Fishing Boat . I was told by the seller it was water ready and had no issues and took his word and gave him $2600 for a boat that i can fish from asap (as i have no time to waste). Well the next day i dropped her in the bay ready for a day of learning my new boat and fun in the sun =) =) =). Well jokes on me cause she almost sank at the dock =( The transom was so rotten the Outboard had separated from the transom about 1/4 of a inch and was taking on water faster then the bilge pump could pump it out =( =( =( i tried to call the guy to ask advice but he had blocked me, i tried to hit him up on offerup and he had removed his offerup page as well=( so i feared the worst and i got taken . I went home and the boat sat for about 6 moths til i could find a place to move where i could keep her and work on her . I tore her transom out and replaced it with Coosa but found the rear stringers and bulkhead were also bad =( both swim platform transoms were bad and the floor had soft spots . I took all the rotten wood and soaked flotation foam out and inspected the original fuel tank for leaks (as i smelled fuel bad) . The tank was just about to fail, It was full but had many bad spots along the sides, they used carpet as insulation for the tank in the factory Hahahahaha . I dropped a new tank in . Dropped in half inch marine grade plywood glassed over top and bottom twice and new rear stringers rear bulkhead and floor supports . I've patched all the holes on the back of the boat, Removed the spedo deal and put in a GPS Spedo and got a non organic block thing to mount my new transducer too, so except for the swim platforms there will be no holes on her transom . I installed new electronics like a stereo - dvd player, tv, usb and aux ports Gps spedo Fish Finder Solor Pannel and water proof charge controller for battery maintance. I put in new cabin cushions i had to modify to fit but blah blah i could go on and on on what ive done but i hope to be on the water by may 9th my 40th birthday 2 years i wasnt supposed to get so this summer if you see me and Jenny on the water out of HB say Hello i also have a popular Youtube channel Metal Detecting and Fishing with Romy . so say hello there to . i have a bit more to go til shes done and i can drop her engine back in but im close and hope to make my birthday deadline . Love this form and all i have learned her as i have never done anything like this before . Thanks for any and all advice and support and My prayers go out to you all at these very Trying times .

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    i have a million pics and vids of the rebuild but the site wont let me post them =(


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      when i 1st got her
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        it will only let me upload 4 pics ? IDK i guess cause im new =( i made a post on Bloody decks forum if yall want to see them i guess .


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            Looks like it about whoooped now. looks like it is ready.
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