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Repair gone wrong help!

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  • Repair gone wrong help!

    Hello everyone,

    While attempting to replace the floor in my 1984 Glassmaster I made the unfortunate mistake of cutting through the bottom of my hull (approx. 24”). I have done a bit of reading on hull repair and have a decent understanding of working with fiberglass. However this would be my first time doing so on a marine application. Any advice would be appreciated. considering the hull is almost half an inch thick, and since I don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, I would like to bevel top and bottom accordingly and fill the gap in between with Marinetex before glassing both sides.

    thanks in advance
    1984 Glassmaster 15ft 115 hp merc

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    first, welcom aboard

    second, nearly everyone that has done a hull restoration has an oops.... mayby not to the extent of cutting thru 2 feet, however we all make mistakes. I have both cut thru the hull and drilled thru the hull

    next, just like any fiberglass repair, you need to grind both inside and out to feather the repair, then finish off with gel

    do not do the marine tex that you are thinking of, simply bevel both sides back and laminate.
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      I'll second what Scott said, don't use a filler.. taper both sides down to a knife edge and laminate back up to full thickness, then gelcoat or paint, then carry on with the floor...
      I believe the rule of thumb is about a minimum 12:1 taper.. so for grinding down 1/4", you should feather out about 3 inches, but I'd honestly go more like 5 or 6...


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        I would suggest epoxy resin because it will adhere without the need of any mat, but do use mat and feather. Poly needs help
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          Here's a great 8 part series that helped me when I did the same thing and cut through the hull:

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            thanks to everyone for the advice. I glasses the top yesterday and finished the floor this morning. I’m currently working on the bottom with the amount of people suggesting not to use the MarineTex I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to go with a full glass repair

            1984 Glassmaster 15ft 115 hp merc