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14’ Valco Restoration Thread

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  • 14’ Valco Restoration Thread

    Hello everyone! I’m brand new to the community and excited to join and be a part of a great group. Here’s my backdrop story. Grew up on the water, always shoreline fished or pond fished. Now that I’m in a great spot in life I sought to get a 12-14 foot flat bottom to put in my oversized pond, toss in small bodies of water around me and enjoy the simplicity of a small boat. As I was looking, someone I grew up with who is a friend of my dads informed me he would sell me his boat.

    The boat is a 1974 14’ Valco. He bought a new trailer a few years back and offered me the boat, trailer, newer seats, 1968 Evinrude 18hp Fastwin, 50lb Minn Kota trolling motor, fish/depth finder, boat cover and outboard stand on wheels for $1,000. I felt it was a good buy so I bought my first boat! Also received title on both boat and outboard.

    I decided I wanted to strip down the boat, Gluvit the interior hull rivets and seams (even though he said it didn’t leak), paint the interior and top exterior a light ash grey, floor it with a nice marine carpet, then paint the exterior bottom a dark green or blue.

    I’ve owned the boat 2 weeks now and so far I’ve stripped the interior hull 80% with stripper and a wire wheel, and during the rainy, chilly days here in Oklahoma, I’m diving into the motor. Today I took off the carburetor and jaw dropped at a shocking find. I’ll let the pictures of the untouched carburetor do all of the talking.

    As as I go along I really would like advice, suggestions, anything is welcome as I not only do my first restoration, but my first boat and first outboard motor.

    Thanks for reading this and offering your ideas!


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    Sorry folks, I’m trying to upload pics but I keep getting errors. I’ll keep trying.


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      I think you need a couple more posts before you're allowed to post images, also they need to be under something like 700kb