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1968 Larson Lapline restoration

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  • 1968 Larson Lapline restoration

    Hey everyone! I'm new to Iboats and I just wanted to share my recent purchase. I bought a 1968 Larson lapline All-American with a 1976 Johnson 85 hung on the back. It has had the floor and transom rebuilt, and the motor has had a new impeller and propeller. The engine runs nice, but when the owner replaced the floor, he used screws to hold the wood down before he fiberglassed it. The screws he used were too long, and they went right through the hull. The boat has multiple small leaks, so I only paid $500. Came with a fairly new trailer, I thought it was a good deal.

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    welcome aboard

    you may not have gotten a good deal once you determine how much you have to re-do for the leaks

    post pictures.
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      Here are a few pics. I have sanded the area around the spot where the screw went through, and the hole is very small. It’s only been in the water once with the issue, and I don’t think there is any water underneath the floor.
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        If he did a 'deck over', then you have to redo what he did and then hope the transom was done right..

        That said, a boat like that will cost ~$100 to dump whole. So at $500 with a good Johnson 85hp and a Gator? trailer, your still doing 'ok'
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          I know he completely re-glassed the floor, and I have taken the seats out and pulled up a bit of the carpet and it looks good. The transom is twice the thickness of the original one, and there is no flex at all when I give the motor a good shake. I’m not really worried about the transom. I talked to a friend who has lots of experience with fiberglass boats and he said that I should sand the area around the hole and then patch it with fiberglass. What are your thoughts on this way of fixing it?


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            show pictures of the boat.. I think I have an idea on what to do/ is wrong but need some pictures. Including the double thick transom
            1961 Custom Craft Sea Ray- 1964 Mercury 650. In family since new.


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              I took some photos of the damaged hull and the transom. I hope the photos look good, it snowed last night and I was trying not to get too wet. I’ll hopefully have it in the garage this weekend.
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                Click image for larger version

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                I'm not sure why the photos were upside-down earlier. I think it will work now.