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1984 Starcraft island 191v restoration

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  • 1984 Starcraft island 191v restoration

    Im new to boating restoration and I just picked up my first project a few weeks ago. It is a 19 foot 1984 Starcraft islander. As I was looking everything over in the boat closely I noticed that the plywood under the closed bow is starting to rot in the corner where the Cuddy windshield meets the bow of the boat. I’m positive it is due to the windshield leaking so I will be re sealing all around it. It is only the corner that is rotted at this point but I would like to repair now before it causes more damage. The carpet doesn’t even show signs of water damage so the sooner I fix it the better. Before I get into just ripping it all apart I was looking for advice or tips on how to replace that sheet of wood, I also wasn’t exactly sure how the piece is held up and mounted. If anyone has some good information on the repair job or any tips that would
    be great. I’m new to the boat repair world but I am excited to join and learn in the process, Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Many of us were new to the whole process not long ago... so you're in good company.
    A 35 year old boat you can almost be assured that there's more rot underneath that spot on the floor. Boats rot from the bottom up so the floor is the last to go... and if it's rotted there, there's more below.
    I'm not sure how it's all supported other than most have stringers and bulkheads underneath but I think you should open up the floor a bit and do some sampling of the stringers and the transom before just trying to repair the floor and calling it done.

    Good luck and I look forward to following along!
    '89 Campion Allante 185


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      steve_h7 an Islander is a tin boat and doesnt have wood to rot from the bottom up, except a wood deck. Unless its been torn apart before and repaired poorly.

      Quist90 to replace the plywood bow cover beneath your Islanders windshield, you have a major dismantle ahead. The roof sits on the windshield which sits on the aluminum skin of the bow cover which in turn covers that plywood.
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