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Drummond Center Console

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  • Drummond Center Console

    I recently picked up a free boat, it's a 19 foot Center Console with a motor that is seized. Good news, I have been looking for a cheap Center Console, bad news it's going to need a crap ton of work, all the wiring was stripped from it, it does still have the motor in place, and I'm going to have a new motor/outdrive in about 3 weeks, I haven't checked the stringers yet but the transom is solid, did a few test drills and got hard light wood then filled back in with epoxy, the only soft spot in the floor is right in front of the motor well, if anyone has any ideas on an easy patch for that area I'm all ears. Should I just cut out the square that is rotted or replace the whole back section? I'll throw pictures on in next post, and does anyone have any ideas on replacing old hatch covers? Plywood glasses? Or would painted plywood work just as good? I've never done this much of a refit before...

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      I'm sure no expert but will reiterate what was said to me when I started (and turned out to all be correct) is that most boats rot from the hull up... so if the floor is wet, it's probably means everything else (transom, stringers, bulkheads, deck...) under it is at least partially wet. If you got through all this work to replace the wet wood you found, how would you feel if you had to tear into it again to replace the transom or something that tested good a couple years ago but is now soft?
      When I started I figured I didn't want to deal with it in the future... and honestly when you get into the whole thing, one more part just isn't that big a deal.
      As they say, your boat, your call. If you're good with chances that you might have to revisit it, my thoughts are have at it!
      I look forward to watching your build!
      '89 Campion Allante 185


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        Yup, I'm going to test everything once I open it up, I'm hoping it's going to be just the deck though, everything under the gas tank just in front of the affected area is solid from test holes, plan to cut the area out this weekend so fingers crossed! I may make a few more posts, I'm trying to figure out how to post photos embedded in here from Google photos...


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          So there is a bit more rot that was under the bellows on the transom, it looks like the bellows had a pinhole leak that sprayed the inside wall while it was in the water, I'm thinking cut it all out and make a new transom then glass everything in and cut new holes for the mercruiser? Has anyone swapped an omc for a mercruiser? I have a donor boat that I'm pulling it out of, its complete and runs great.