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91 Javelin 363FS Restoration

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  • 91 Javelin 363FS Restoration

    Hey all, been lurking and reading for quite some time, finally bit the bullet and signed up.

    Working on a 91 Javelin bass boat with a 120 Mercury. It's a single console fiberglass bass boat.

    PO left it in the elements for a few years so the aft most floor drain was clogged with leaves and trash, which held water on the floor and let it soak in. Transom is also soft, so that'll get changed out. Plan is to replace everything structural and upgrade as I see fit. Original trolling motor, pumps, etc. This thing even has the original Sony cassette player!

    I have the deck cut out, but I left a 3 inch lip all the way around so that I wouldn't have to refinish the fiberglass thats visible above the carpet.
    Removed every screw I could find securing the deck lip to the stringers and cut all of the tabbing on the compartments up front and in the gas tank area. Also removed the rub rail and all 16,812 screws securing the cap to the hull.

    Started separating the two halves last night, but it seems like there's something that I can't seem to find that's holding the 2 halves together still. Terrified of putting too much pressure and snapping the cap or something catastrophic. Did I leave too much of a lip and it could still be attached to the stringers below?

    Should I cut the fiberglass where it meets the deck lip and leave no lip at all? If so, how do I glass the new deck to the existing finished fiberglass without ruining the existing black/gold/red metallic finish?
    I'm making this all up as I go.

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    The walk thru. Is it screwed down to the hull, or is the floor actually considered part if it. It's hard to explain. Most boats I've built, the bow floor was solid with the deck and connected to the hull when married, then a plate was set over that crease. And bondo under it.


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      Sorry, forgot to post an update. I got them separated, had to cut the casting deck and console where they met the deck. I'll resize my photos and post for clarity.

      Now begins the arduous task of cutting out all the rotten stuff.

      Oh, joy.
      I'm making this all up as I go.


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        3rd post so I can post photos.
        I'm making this all up as I go.


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          You can see the outline of the original deck pretty clearly, where the console and seat pads were cut, along with the front casting deck and rear gas tank area.

          Transom is basically wet cardboard, the center part of the stringers in front of the rear bulkhead is also toast.
          I'm making this all up as I go.


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            Tagging along - looks like you have a good hold on it.
            - Eric

            Somers, WI

            Old enough to know better - but crazy enough to try anyway


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              Sign up today
              The boxes in the back are probably filled with foam. Possibly waterlogged I'd recommend checking them out. Also you need to Drill Core samples of the stringers. More than likely they'll required replacing too.
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