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Anti-corrosive, protective paint for aluminum boats - Advice much apperciated

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  • Anti-corrosive, protective paint for aluminum boats - Advice much apperciated


    I am currently in the middle of a transom replacement on my '73 Starcraft SS16. I have it all ready to go back together with a new core, but I would like to protect the transom skin that the core rests on from corroding further than it has already (the skin has pitting). I'm looking into 2 part paints, 2 part epoxies, automotive paints, but I haven't found something that seems to stand out, except for the "Aluminum Boat Topside Paint" offered at another onlime retailer. Have any of you guys used this paint? Is it any good? Are there better or tried and true alternatives? I have included a link to their website below.

    They advertises that the paint is chromate free, but in doing research, I found people talking about zinc-chromate etching primers which begs the question: are chromates important to the paint's quality/performance? Chrome and chrome plating is higher on the galvanic series than Aluminum so would something that is chromate free be better?

    Anywho, I appreciate any and all help that you guys can provide.

    Thank you,
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    Check the link below in my signature line. It has a lot of information on painting your aluminum boat. A Lot of members have used this paint method on their TIN Boats with Great Results.
    One thing IS MANDATORY. ALL bare aluminum MUST be coated with and etching compound. Most people just use a self etching primer but you can use alodine as well.
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