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Transom Replacement/Motor Mount Question

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  • Transom Replacement/Motor Mount Question

    Greetings Ladies and Gents,
    Im in the midst of a transom repair on my 96 Rinker Bowrider; 3.0 w/Alpha. The original wood was very rotten, from what I could tell by the good condition wood it was 2 sheets of 5/8” and a 1/2” fiberglass hull thickness. I’m going back in with 2 sheets of 3/4” ABX marine grade ply which will be 1/4” thicker than original, and will finally meet the Mercruiser spec of a 2” minimum transom thickness. I foresee an issue with the forward motor mount since I have essentially moved the inner transom plate and therefore motor forward. Does anyone on here have experience with this or can lead me to the right info? Thank!

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    I don't see any major issues. The biggest problem might arise if you mounted the engine too high or too low, thus affecting the alignment. All you're doi g is mounting it a tad further back from the transom It still bolts onto the transom inner plate. Others might shed more light on it.
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      Doesn't sound like an issue as long as you can move the front mount forward and still have something to attach it to. I believe that 2-1/4" is also the max transom thickness on Mercruser drives, just make sure you are within there specs.
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