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Tools - Fiberglass and Wood

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    I use the (grease monkey) 5mil nitrile gloves for glassing and the 8mil when I am wiping down with acetone. The 5mil are easier to get on and off as well as cheaper, but won’t stand up to the acetone.
    The other “makes life easier” for me things are a cutting station and tipping stand for the resin. The table is a piece of melamine with 6” Scribed lines, then waxed. No resin will not stick to it so it’s handy to work over as well, when glassing smaller pieces.


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      Well, got tired of the dust in the boat and was behind the power curve on vacuuming it up.. Pulled the boat out of the shop this weekend and used a hose to wash it out from one end to the other.. Learned my lesson. Going to get out several drop cloths to localize the dust with curtains and dig out my mega squirrel cage blower with 10 inch diameter hose.. That should help pull it out.. I will be a bit delayed though.. Used my tractor to pull the boat out and ran into a problem with it; flat tire and a loose hub axle nut..... Got to fix that first before going back to work on the boat...


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        I too am in the wonderful world of grinding fiberglass in my project. The drops cloths will help but do still count on dust everywhere.
        what Scottdanforth mentions about the shop vac filter bags is dead on, if you have a shop vac. They help tremendously! What I do when they are full is cut open one end, dump in the trash can, then staple the end shut to reuse. Them things ain’t cheap!

        also, for grinders, I’ve usd my $35-$40 black n Decker for one boat rebuild and midway through another. I keep waiting for it to die but it hasn’t.
        1985 Bayliner 2450 Ciera Sunbridge
        Volvo Penta AQ225d, 280 outdrive
        Restore/Refurbish ongoing......

        link to my thread: https://forums.iboats.com/showthread...468790&page=12