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    Originally posted by ACon977 View Post

    Interesting. I figured it would also be used for strength. Or else why would you have wood stringers?
    Wood is the easiest and most economical "Mold" to use for forming the Glass Stringers. IF the glass is of sufficient thickness then the material used for molding them is Moot! The Glass carries the load. However...The Glass needs to be 1/4" thick to make this happen. These stringers are Square tubes of ample thickness to carry the load. The foam Moldiing material is insignificant now. But as stated, it will add additional flotation so not a bad idea to fill them again. Foaming the entire hull under the deck WILL give more stiffness and structural support to the hull but the main benefit is for flotation, in case of catastrophic failure.
    Hope this helps.
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      Well I've finally broke loose from the sand bar of life and found some time to work on the boat... I've got the transom ready for epoxy and predrilled the holes so I can backfill them with thickened epoxy filler and re-drill so no contact with the wood.

      I do have a question about the bolts on the key hole. Since they are so close to the edge I'm not sure its a good idea to drill them but I may try. Those probably need it the most. My supplies should be here later this week so hopefully the weather will allow it. I'm ready to see some progress.

      I hope everyone is having a safe and Merry Christmas!


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        Was able to get more done last couple days. Predrilled all the through transom holes and filled with epoxy pb except for the keyhole I'll take care of them once I mount the new transom. I should have made my second layer of play shorter but I can work with this.

        This is what it looked like from the backside after filling the holes.

        Finally after wrestling with this I mixed up some resin glue and have it set. Thankfully the weather is really nice and should cure nicely. I bit to handle with only two hands but I made it work. I left a fairly large gap at the bottom and will fill that with pb next along with the strakes I cutout. I have two coats front and back of epoxy on the transom. Really glad to have this in.

        Nice to start putting pack... long way to go.


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          Couldn't have had a better weekend with the weather. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but making good progress.
          • cleaned up the key hole and cutout the turning radius
          • two applications of tabbing of 17b on the transom
          • two applications of 17b on the transom
          • stringers bed in pb and tabbed to transom, stringer, and hull
          • glued up a keel to go back in from marine ply I had leftover
          • I have the keel ready to coat with epoxy and bed then glass in.
          I need to decide if I want to keep the ski locker to just fill it with foam. I'm sure the storage would be nice to have but I'll noodle that around a bit.

          When you install the gas tank are you going in level or a little proud in front so the gas will drain to the pickup?

          until next time...


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            When you turn the corner and start reassembly it's a great feeling.

            Looking good!


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              Originally posted by Big Gee View Post
              When you turn the corner and start reassembly it's a great feeling.

              Looking good!
              Yes it is. I did get a bit more done tonight but nothing really photogenic... coated the keel with epoxy and pb it in. Hopefully this weekend I can get it glassed. It'd be nice to get the tank back in the boat and out of my garage.