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72 Glastron Restoration

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  • 72 Glastron Restoration

    I'm a newbe here and have never owned anything but a rowboat in my 69 years on this earth. But, I found a 72 Glastron V-163 in fair shape, 2 Johnson 40's and an Elgin 7.5 hp with the trailer for $100. Well not knowing squat about boats I started the restoration but now am at a standstill. I have replaced the deck, built new seats, reupholstered the dash and now it is time for the instrument panel. The boat had a speedometer and a tach, left and right of the steering wheel but there is a third hole in the upper center and I have no idea what goes there. Any ideas?
    Next, I cannot find one bit of information on this boat. Pictures and a few ads but no manuals. The previous owner has butchered the windshield frame and it would be nice to see what this boat looked like in detail so I can get it right. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Classic Glastron


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      Thanks for the reply but this is all that I have found also. There are also a couple of others out there but are of little or no help. The dashboard here is from a 164 and is different. There has to be something out there somewhere.


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        Here is a thread on your boat. http://forums.iboats.com/forum/gener...-glastron-pics
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